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They come from Tucson to Tucumcari, from London, New York, Atlanta, Berkeley, Las Vegas, Pennsyvlania,  Mexico City, Sausalito, from the east, the west, the middle of the nation and around the world. They are designers, artists and artisans each with amazingly different visions of the world and the art and design objects they create. Some work for major design lines, others in their individual studios.  They all leave Hearst Castle saying that in their wildest dreams they never imagined what an inspirational design resource it is.  Some even chip in with the chores at "The Ranch" as Mr. Hearst called the castle.  Watch to see the beautiful objects they create in the coming months and years - there will be artwork, textiles, ceramics, glass, furnishings, jewelry, lighting metal work, tile and more.  Hearst Castle Collection - where you will find notible faces, new faces, an entirely new outlook on licensed design and objects to be treasured for generations. The design legacy of William Randolph Hearst and Julia Morgan continues.