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Hearst Castle Collection® Luxury as defined. Period.

The mission of Hearst Castle Collection is to educate and enlighten the community on the importance of preserving the history of design and craftsmanship through inspired contemporary design. Our artisan quality designing manufacturers directly support the preservation and restoration of Hearst Castle by producing contemporary reproductions and design interpretations that bring the museums collections to the attention of  the public worldwide.  
Hearst Castle Collection is the registered brand name encompassing artisan quality, licensed home furnishings, decorative accessories and art objects inspired by Hearst Castle, its architecture antiques and antiquities. 
•Envision your products as a part of one of the longest running, most spirited architectural and interior design collaborations in American History.

•Imagine your designers working with America's first and foremost woman architect, Julia Morgan - with access to an almost endless astounding collection of rare architectural fragments, fine art, antiques and antiquities as inspiration.

•Realize the fascination of 38 million visitors who have come from around the country and around the world, plus one million more who visit each year to share in the dream of "La Cuesta Encantada - Hearst Castle.